Metaverse Automotive Manufacturer

Who Are We

Helix is the world’s first American digital automaker. We are a metaverse agnostic digital automotive manufacturer dedicated to producing both original and branded automotive NFT’s powered by blockchain technology. We design, mint, and sell unique products that will allow users to BUILD, BATTLE, and EARN in a large number of digital platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the fusion of professional automotive design with the latest blockchain technology to build high quality mobility products that can never be destroyed, replicated or taken away from its owners.


Our vision is to become the leading automotive company for the digital native generations and become the primary provider of virtual assets and experiences involving digital vehicles in the metaverse.

Build To Earn

Product List

Helix Hydra

Supply (TBD)

Cruise in style with the Hydra Yacht. Providing luxury amenities and space, you’ll be the envy of the Metaverse with the perfect party cruiser. Ideal as a premium Metaverse cruise line or a fully armed battle cruiser! The upgrades are endless!

Helix Heir

Supply (TBD)

The Helix Heir is literally a flying yacht. Armed with all of the luxury amenities you could imagine, this air ship is the perfect option if you’re looking to host high flying metaverse parties or rain terror from above in a battle metaverse!

Helix Hammer

Supply (5,000)

The workhorse of the product lineup, the Helix Hammer is a beautiful blend of uncompromising power, durability and design.

Helix Hauler

Supply (6,000)

Designed with mobility in mind, the Helix Hauler is the ultimate people mover. A great option for Metaverse transportation services!

Helix Highjet

Supply (TBD)

The Helix Highjet patrols the skies of the Metaverse with elite speed, agility, and a pretty cool arsenal of upgrades.

Helix Hacker

Supply (6,000)

Blaze across the Metaverse in the nimble Helix Hacker. What this cryptocycle lacks in raw power, it makes up for in top notch speed and maneuverability.

Helix Hero

Supply (5,000)

Coming to a Metaverse near you, the flagship Helix Hero is the epitome of style and performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint date?

The mint date for whitelisted influencers is April 2, 2022

How much will they be?

Prices for products that are produced for those that are whitelisted will be significantly cheaper ($200-$500 per vehicle). It will be extremely vital for those interested in taking advantage of this supply to get on the list. The second generation/supply of vehicles will be much higher.

What is the presale for?

The presale is for those interested in our 1st gen products. Those who purchase will automatically be on our whitelist and receive our 2D products. To automatically receive the 3D version, whitelist presale owners will need to complete round of tasks.

What market place will the Helix vehicles be listed on?


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